Advantages of Waterjet Cutting

Our abrasive Waterjet-machining centre uses your existing DXF files. No costly dies, fixtures, or elaborate CNC programs required.
Low start-up costs allow for inexpensive, highly accurate production for quantities as small as one item.
Working from your drawings eliminates the need to wait for dies or fixtures.
Cuts are accurate within ± 0.125mm (0.005")
Smooth, Flat cuts. Water jet cuts are smooth, similar to a fine sandblasted finish. Flexible materials cut with less taper than cuts made through die cutting.
Materials like glass, rubber, and plastic will not melt during the cutting process. No melting, no heat affected areas, no structural changes.
Waterjet machining is capable of cutting just about anything.
"Parts nesting" provides optimum use of sheet materials, reducing scrap.
The Waterjet cutting process involves no chemicals, gases or noxious liquids. Abrasive Waterjet cutting uses garnet (a high grade sand) as the abrasive. This creates a very clean process, preferable to other methods of cutting in terms of environmental impact, eliminating disposal of by-products and waste water. There is no dust created when cutting stone with Waterjet technology, thus providing a safer work environment for those using Waterjet to cut stone inlays and countertops.

“These examples serve only as an indication of the current use of Waterjet technology. There are many more possibilities. In the future other new application areas will open up”.